Johnny Loco’s gift for Valentine’s Day: music


‘I’m in the mood for love…’ la-la-laaaa… This is the time for lovers to think of a way to surprise their loved one, or to try to reach out to the one you secretly have a crush on. Retailers try to seduce you with their flowers and and chocolate. But we have a better idea...

Johnny Loco would not be Johnny Loco if he didn’t do things differently. Oh yeah, Johnny Loco put together a playlist of love songs. For you, your lovely love, your mum or your darling son.

You can do two things with this playlist for Valentine’s Day: you pick out the ones you like best and play those all night long for your darling, or, you just play the whole list. Surely your loved one will get the message! Young or old, just in love or celebrating your 49th anniversary…the list has something for everyone.

For the playlist in Apple Music, click here
For the playlist in Spotify, click here

Like Whitney Houston… her “I will always love you” is a classic, good for any age. Especially when her voice reaches the highest of the highest tone… “And I-I-I-I….”. Queen with its formidable Freddy Mercury has some great love songs as well. Elly Goulding with her “still falling for you” on the soundtrack of the film “Bridget Jones’s Baby”. And when Michael Jackson sings about Billie Jean who is NOT his girl… we all know about unanswered loves. And his little-boy-song “Ben” is still melting many a heart. Speaking of love and friendship…

Johnny Loco made the list with love songs from the seventies of last century till now, available for both Apple Music and Spotify. Music for every age, for every sort of love, to dream off with, or dance the night away. The list will be updated regularly, so check regularly.

Valentine’s Day is for lovers all over the world, of any age or background. Lovers are special people; their love makes other people happy and feeling good. Like Johnny Loco itself, and now the playlist does too.


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