Colourful Carnival – Johnny Loco loves it!


Think of carnival and you see colours everywhere. Think of Johnny Loco’s Urban Cruiser bicycles and you get dazzled as well by all the colours it comes in.

Carnaval (Dutch translation for ‘carnival’) is a three to four days festival in many countries, before the 40 days period of Lent. Lent precedes the Christian holiday Easter. So, before people enter a period of sobriety, all goes loose, one more time. All in colourful costumes and with a lot of music. Johnny Loco lovessss… carnival!

Every country where Catholicism is dominant, has this fantastic party time. People dress up in the most marvellous costumes, hold parades in the city with lots of music and dance and confetti and paper garlands colour the streets. There is beer, tons of it, and other good stuff to drink. Sing, dance, drink and have a good time; that captures this festival.

Colourful Carnaval

Originally the carnival period was meant to devour all the meat available in real quick time, since Lent was meant to be very austere and one only ate what was necessary to stay alive. It is turned in much more than that during the centuries. Nowadays it is also a period of mocking bosses and politicians and main news personalities, all with a smirk and a good-natured character. Equality is one of the important elements during the festival: bosses dance and drink with employees, adults mimic politicians, children mimic their parents… All in good fun. All very colourful.

Johnny Loco's Urban Cruiser bicycles

Johnny Loco loves this festival just as much as any other party goer. All the colours, the fun, the festivities, the music… Colours is just the thing for Johnny Loco. 

Take the bicycles we have. The Urban Cruisers are just as colourful as carnival, and when you close your eyes and let your imagination float you can smell a city in India, buzzing with life 24/7. Scent, colour, buzz… just the thing for Johnny Loco-lovers. Did you know the Urban Cruiser comes in seven colours? It’s not only the design that makes the Urban Cruiser a much-wanted bicycle. Men love to ride it because it is so light to move forward, yet sturdy enough to be a real bloke’s bike…

Since Urban Cruisers are so colourful, any carnival-character could ride it in the parades through the streets of every city and town. Put on a clown’s suit, or dress up like a penguin, step on your Cruiser and join the parade!

It’s party time!


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