What happened to our printed matter?


It was time for a makeover. We got inspired by so many new and old things around us, that we knew we had to change the way we show ourselves to the world.

New location, new look

The day our new location in Amsterdam was born, we also introduced our new catalogue, flyers and the mini catalogue. Three ways of printed matter that include our products, stories and photographs from all over the world. We choose a maximum of two fonts, made a selection out of our newest photos, gathered inspiration and choose to keep the style fresh, classic and clear. Every detail counts. That's why the type of paper now has a matte, soft and natural look. We think the combination is astonishing and we really hope you do too. Every piece of printed matter we made has its own purpose. And we would like to share some things about them.

So what happened?

Our catalogue has the size of an A5 booklet and shows you a selection of our products and the way we love to see them get used by others. Our products have come mature and are now gathered in one catalogue for the first time. Every type of bicycle, eyewear frame and watch can be found in this booklet with stories about the products and technical explanations. The photographs show the calmness and fun our products can give to your life. This is the first time all our products are gathered in one catalogue so you, our beloved customer, knows what Johnny Loco has to offer and share. Our mini catalogue gives you an impression of a Johnny Loco day filled with friends, discovery, traveling, relaxation and the products that make those moments more special. Our hanging flyers can be found hanging (of course) on bicycle steering wheels and show a selection of our current and new bike collection.

Tell us what you think

We are proud of our new printed matter and we can't wait for you to see it. if you already have seen our new catalogue and/or our flyers, then let us know what you think! We are always curious for fresh and inspiring ideas. Do you want to see, touch and read one? Send an email to support@johnny-loco.com or visit one of our dealers to get your hands on one!


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