Kairos and Chronos together in one timepiece


We thought the time was right for a true excellent timepiece. We took our time in designing and developing a collection of watches. In fact it took several years to create our perfect watch. So nothing hasty, quality is what matters. That is also Johnny’s philosophy.

A small step for man, a giant step for mankind; Johnny Loco heroes the Moon in the Luna collection.

Kai•Ÿros | Καιρός | name

1 in the Greek mythology god of the perfect moment: youngest son of Zeus.
2 represent a temporary interruption of continuity and regularity in life, and start over → the description of starting over can be understood as an inspiration for human ideas en deeds or as → enthusiasm. 

Chro•Ÿnos| Χρόνος | name

1 in the Greek mythology the personification of the linear, quantifiable time: descendant from the primeval god Chaos.
2 represent continuity and is the counterpart of Kairos, which - is the god of the perfect moment - the personification is from a concept of time that is right angled at → chronology

How it all began

One of the things we admired when we met Johnny at the station of Barcelona some 10 years ago, was that he took the time for everything. Johnny would not let himself get dragged into the hasty rush of daily routine. Johnny did things his own way, in his own speed, with an eye for the quality of life. After all, it was Johnny who inspired us to start the Johnny Loco Company.

The Luna

Johnny’s easy way of living inspired us to develop a true Johnny Loco watch. A timepiece with the reliable Chronos accuracy of the Swiss movement, that at the same time leaves room for the philosophy of Johnny and his big friend Kairos. We brought Chronos and Kairos together in one timepiece collection: the Luna. The Moon plays the leading part in the Luna collection: in the heart of the Swiss quartz movement is a unique mechanism that shows the Moon phase. The Moon phase in the dial is synchronic with the actual Moon phase. We at Johnny Loco feel that Kairos links with the Moon, the quality of time.

Dutch design & Swiss made

With this - in our opinion iconic design – the Johnny Loco Company wants to illustrate that, although Chronos is deceive in our daily routine, one should not deny the intuitive, quality time of Kairos and enjoy the perfect moments in life. Though Chronos and Kairos are ancient historical opposites, we are proud to bring them together in the Johnny Loco Luna collection. The Luna is built in Switzerland and designed in the Netherlands. That makes the Luna collection officially: “Dutch design - Swiss made”.


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