A day at Johnny Loco


A day at Johnny Loco’s is never just another day. Every day is a different day to think of new things, to find moments to get inspired and to reflect on what we thought of yesterday.

Our story also started this way with the inspiration that Johnny had at the central station in Barcelona. We continue to live like that every day by thinking about new products that make our and your lives better. Our designers and workers work hard every day to improve quality and craftsmanship. They are also involved in drawing, cutting paper models, testing and handling materials and developing new models.

Act a little crazy

We like to mix up those productive moments with acting a little crazy every once in a while, challenging each other or being impressed by our environment. Because exactly that is what determines for a large part what it is we make and what it will look like. A smile on our face is important but especially on everyone’s who sees or uses our products.

A smile on your face

We are not only inspired by the past. You and other friends of Johnny are our inspiration. So if you see something beautiful, or if you have an idea for a new product, or a variation on something we already make? We will love to hear from you! It can be done easily by using the hashtag #johnnyloco or by emailing us at support@johnnyloco.com

Johnny taught us that every day offers plenty of opportunities for reflection and relaxation. You can catch the perfect moment without losing the day. Experience Johnny’s outlook on life.



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