Inspiration can just be taken from the streets!


Art is not always found in museums. In fact, sometimes you just walk right into it.

It was drizzling that day in Georgetown so was a perfect day to stay inside and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Looking for a coffee bar with Wi-Fi I walked by a group of tourists. Dressed in ponchos they were staring at a grey wall against which a bicycle was parked. When the guide was done explaining, the tourists reached their cameras. I looked again and saw that the bicycle was part of some street-piece of art. It was not just any piece of art but the one that you see on thousands of postcards and T-shirts! It was the pride of Georgetown’s street-art. And maybe even of street-art in general.

The bicycle as part of the art

I already had planned to cycle along the route passing by the different pieces of street-art, but on a sunny day. Now that I had seen this world famous work of art, I decided to defy the heavy rain and started looking for more street-art in this town. It was not too late that I found the next piece of art and before I knew it I had witnessed dozens of pictures. During this exploration, I saw a mural of a boy standing on a stool taking something from a window. It turned out to be the entrance to a cozy coffee place with free Wi-Fi. I went inside and I am happy I did get to explore so much on an otherwise slow day. When I saw the pictures on my laptop, I noticed that the clouds and the rain made for an interesting contrast with the paintings. So this drizzling day was definitely worth it!

Italian frescos, but in a modern jacket

The street-artist Ernest Zacharevic made some murals a couple of years ago in Georgetown. Together with a historic comic-in-steel these works of art are part of a walk/cycle route throughout the city. Zacharevic’s paintings look mostly like the Italian frescos, but with a modern touch. The figures he depicts all do something to the environment. The route through Georgetown takes you past the most beautiful places of this UNESCO world heritage site. You even pass the house in which the world famous shoe designer Jimmy Choo grew up. What cities inspire you? Share this blog ans let us know!


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