A Johnny Loco watch is made for NATO straps


Ever wondered what a watch must go through, day after day? Didn’t think so… Yet the watch we wear – be it one of Johnny Loco’s or not - is one of the most abused objects you can imagine. Meant to show time only and show off when it is an amazing one like the Luna Watch, it gets bumped a lot.

A good watch strap is therefore mandatory. Johnny Loco knows, and you know. It is for that reason that all the Johnny Loco watches are fit for a NATO strap. That strap keeps the watch in place and you for sure won’t lose your beauty.

Army gear around your wrist

NATO… sounds like…uh… correct! Army gear! The NATO soldiers were the first who got to wear this ‘woven’ strap in order not to lose it and keep it right in its place. No watch is any use if you must turn it half around your wrist at a moment when every second counts. With a NATO strap, you can face the battle – as it were.

Of course, Johnny Loco doesn’t have just a one-good-for-all NATO strap. No sir, you can choose… material, colour, you name it. There is the polyester version, 22 mm wide, a universal width so you can use it for other watches as well. The colours you can pick from are army green, sand beige, navy blue, black, and dark grey. They are strong, water-resistant and supple. On the back side you find the Johnny Loco logo and an anagram printed into the material.

Soft and luxurious leather

That is also the case with our leather version of the NATO strap. Soft, luxurious calf leather of excellent quality, a Johnny Loco watch worthy. Four colours to pick from are black, navy blue, grey, and brown. All straps have a stainless-steel buckle, so water is no problem at all. The buckle also has the Johnny Loco logo. And may to be handed over to the next generation. Who knows?
Since you love Johnny Loco stuff, you should at least have more than one NATO strap for your watch. To mark an occasion or the mood you’re in. After all mood = feeling, and feeling is something Johnny Loco knows all about!


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