Johnny Loco’s new website – how do you like it?


Johnny Loco would not be Johnny Loco if we weren’t moving around all the time! Let’s face it, Johnny Loco is not the kind of brand that bores you to death… That’s why we renewed our website. Although… renewed…? We kicked the old one out and present to you a totally up to date and fashionable new website. We like to be a trendsetter instead of being a follower.

What did we do? We made our whole website completely “mobile first”. These days people don’t sit behind a desktop being online. No, today we have laptops, tablets and smartphones. Devices we cannot think of not having them 10 years ago. Not having a smartphone10 years ago…? Really? How did we survive?

We mixed

So, the whole site is right there in the palm of your hand, so to speak. And we mixed. We mixed products with blogs (like this one), pictures and what not. Including an easy-to-access main menu. It is click, click, and you are exactly where you want to be now. Fast and furious… haha.

Since we are so up to date with our design, which is fresh white and very clean actually, we can’t wait to hear what you think of it. Trendsetters are always curious to find out what their followers think of the new trend. You can see our new website as one big homepage with and easy access to what you want to see or read.

Fun to see

The mouse scrollsvertically, but the pages move horizontally. Getting dizzy already? Oh, come on… you get used to it in no-time, and it is really fun to see everything Johnno Loco has to offer in this peculiar way. And the Dealer Locator – the lovable darling of every Johnny Loco fan – is completely renewed as well. Moves horizontally as well, smooth and clear… just put in your address, and the locator does the rest. It doesn’t get any easier!

We are totally happy with our new website. Proud of it as well. After all, your website is like your business card, right? And what better business card for a brand like Johnny Loco is there than a modern website, in tune with all the mobile devices everybody is using these days. We go onward and forward, come and join us!


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