Face summer with Johnny Loco


Summer is one of the most favourite topics in songs. Next to love, of course. As it happens, Johnny Loco loves both summer and love. Summer is the time for sunglasses, flimsy dresses, shorts and statement T-shirts. The time for quality time outdoors, on your bike or during a walk. Sipping a drink on a terrace, watching people passing by, or in the grass near a little brook.

Away with the cold spring winds, the early sunset and still harsh nights. Enter the green trees, the flowering shrubs and the scent of flowers everywhere! You are ready for new adventures, new discoveries and new encounters. All you need is get your summer gear ready to start an amazing time of the year.


Need a new pair of sunglasses? The old one too worn or out of style? We got your back. A pair of sunnies gives your look that extra je-ne-sais-quoi… especially since they are totally in style, like Johnny Loco’s. Besides giving you that perfect look, sunglasses are also a good protector of your eyes. UV-rays are not all that innocent for your eyes… So, give them the protection they deserve. And not having to squeeze your eyes all the time against the sun spares you from getting wrinkled eyes long before your time.

Have you gotten new sunscreen? That also counts for your precious skin. The leftover from last year is not working as well as you would hope. And our skin is our one and only skin, so it needs first-class pampering. Always keep that in mind.


We need water. Period. And we need a lot of it. Especially in summer. We need to be hydrated to function well. Quench our thirst and detoxify our body. All with that good, sweet water. It doesn’t need to be fancy water. Just water from the tab is good enough in our part of the world.

So, when you go outdoors, be sure to take enough water with you. Of course, there will be places where you can refill your water bottle. But if you go outdoors in areas you are not completely familiar with, you best take some extra water. Better safe than sorry.

Ride a bicycle

Bicycling is one thing anyone can do until they really can’t move no more. Taking a walk, bicycling and swimming are the everyday sports doctors worldwide recommend doing regularly to keep your body in good condition. Besides that, it is good to be outside, giving your body an extra dose of Vitamin D. And look around you while you are at it. So much more to see than when you drive your car. And you can stop and take a closer look almost all the time.
Does your bicycle date from the last century? Does it make too much noise when you pedal? Rusty, creaky, with a loose part of iron you have no idea where that comes from and where it should be…? Is it, in fact, an embarrassment to be seen with? Check Johnny Loco's bikes to see if there is a bicycle you would like to call your own! You can’t keep hiding whenever someone is suggesting a bicycle trip, can you…?
Are you already a proud Johnny Loco bicycle owner and is your Johnny Loco’s cargo bike in need of some fine-tuning? Book a service appointment with your local dealer, so you can use your bike any time you like once it is serviced.


Don’t forget your smartphone when you go outdoors. Not to take selfies all the time, not to be on Facebook or Instagram all the time… There is so much more (people tend to forget sometimes): take pictures of lovely spots you have discovered and send them to others when you are connected; call friends and ask them to join you while you lie in the grass or sit on a beautiful bench, or read updates on the news. And don’t forget to share your adventures with the hashtag #johnnyloco so we can also enjoy your discoveries.

In case of emergency – god forbid – you are connected to the world to call for help. It’s a safe feeling, right? Make sure your smartphone is fully charged and, if possible, take a power bank with you (don’t forget the connecting cable!)


Lastly, a small towel in your bag does wonders when you are out for the day. You can dry your wet body, wipe sand from your feet, wave with it when it is getting too hot for you and lie down on it for a little time-out.

There is much more to consider taking with you, like nice sandwiches for lunch, tissues, a cap or hat against too much sun, and some personal items you cannot do without. But you know best with these things. All we want is you having a fantastic summer’s day outdoors, and many more of them to come. We at Johnny Loco’s love summer just as much as you do!


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