Ten years of delight on the Cargo Cruiser


There is always a reason to go out of the house, take your Cargo Cruiser and discover the roads! Whether it is to run some errands or to go picnicking with your kids in the park, to drop off some stuff at a friend’s place or just pedalling away… on the Johnny Loco Cargo Cruiser, every ride is a delight!

For some people that is old news: the Johnny Loco Cargo Cruiser has its tenth anniversary right now, and they were there from the beginning. These trendsetters are cruising the town or the countryside for a decade now and are as dedicated to Johnny Loco as Johnny Loco is to them. Riding a bicycle made by Johnny Loco is a guaranteed way to make life easier.

The right gear and speed in any situation

The Cargo Cruiser is not especially meant for cargo. Unless you want to call your kids ‘cargo’… The cruiser has two seats for the young ones, and with an extra couch you can take up to 4 children with you. You buckle them up with the safety belts, and off you go! What a joy to go out this way. Pedalling is very easy with the 7-speed internal hub, nothing will stop you from moving forward in a nice and comfortable movement. Apart from traffic lights and crossroads of course.

The steering wheel has a shock absorber to keep the Cargo Cruiser as stable as it can be. With brakes up front and in the rear, you can count on standing still the moment you decide to do so. Reflectors in the tires make sure you are very well visible when weather conditions are poor or when it is getting dark or not fully clear yet. All for a safe and secure ride. 

Different colours

The Cargo Cruiser is ideal for young families who love design and comfort. It is available in 5 different colours and has a lot of accessories to make life even more pleasant.

For those who prefer even more comfort, there is the E-Cargo Cruiser. This version offers pedalling support up to 25 km per hour! Wind, a slight uphill or bumpy road are a laugh for this electric cruiser. You feel like a king of the road!

Cargo cruisers instead of cars

Why riding a cargo cruiser - or like the Dutch say: 'bakfiets'? Riding a cargo cruiser means no traffic jams, no parking costs and you're a lot more flexible to find your way through the traffic.  

Plus using a cargo cruiser instead of a car means a great deal to the environment. The more people ride a cargo cruiser to transport children to and from school, sports clubs, dance classes and what not, the lesser cars you will see in the street. And the more people pick up their yearly purchase of plants and shrubs for their garden, and other stuff they need to bring from A to B in a cargo cruiser, the fewer cars will contaminate the air.

Of course, Johnny Loco is proud to be part of such a grand enterprise. Ten years of producing the Cargo Cruiser have made sure the bike is now ready to soar anywhere it will be introduced. Environment-friendly, user-friendly and made of high-quality materials. Riding the Cargo Cruiser keeps your body in motion, and we all know how important that is. And don’t forget: being spotted while riding your Johnny Loco Cargo Cruiser makes you part of the growing circle of people who appreciate a beautiful design and extra comfort over ‘just a bike’. Just get to Instagram and search for #johnnyloco to find a lot of proud Johnny Loco owners. The latter will do the job as well but misses a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that makes Johnny Loco Cargo Cruisers so outstanding.

You know what I mean… don’t you?



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