Klein Zwitserland is hockey champion again!


A game of hockey is something Johnny Loco will not let pass by. Especially if it is a match of hockey club Klein Zwitserland, which Johnny Loco so warmly supports. And especially when the 1st team of men is aiming to promote itself from First Class to Main Class… which it did! Johnny Loco went loco, loco of joy!

Klein Zwitserland (KZ) is a phenomenon in the world of hockey. There was a time when KZ was the national champion for 8 years in a row. The club from The Hague has been king in the higher regions for at least 5 decades. Playing for KZ’s 1st team was the utmost thing to reach. Apart from playing in the national team of course. It won’t surprise you that many national players came from Klein Zwitserland.

A bit tough

The past two years have been a bit tough for the team, playing First Class only, but now it seems that they are on their way back. And they intend to stay where they just landed. 

The nerve wrecking match took place in Amsterdam, against Hurley. After the match, the Amsterdamse Bos (a large landscaped wood adjacent to Amsterdam) was the scene of partying supporters, members of the team’s family, members of KZ and anyone involved in the success.

Will Klein Zwitserland manage to survive in the Main Class? We will keep in touch!

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