Colour your world with Luna Watches


Small is beautiful… this is undoubtedly true for Johnny Locos Luna watches with their fabulous colours! We are so proud to offer you these uniquely designed watches of high-quality material and the fine details of the clockwork itself. Grant yourself with this beautiful accessory and pick the colour of watch you like best!

Luna watches are inspired by the moon, which course you can follow from day to day. Of course, the watches keep track of day and time (!), they have a slightly domed glass and a beautiful coloured clock face that come from elements of the earth. The straps match the colour of the watch, but hey, feel free to choose your own polyester or leather strap!


Beryl stems from the element Beryllium. It has extraordinary qualities and is therefore used in high tech manufacturing. And in Johnny Loco watches. Is does not have a colour, but thanks to the influence of other elements becomes greenish. Simply fascinating!


Silver is the classic style, timeless, yet sturdy looking. The silver Luna watch simply fits in beautifully with the other Luna watches. And with this one, you can put on any strap you like.


Uhmmm… this colour is a bit of a puzzle: what do we have here? Beige? Light brown? Sandy? Rose? The solution: how and where you look at this watch gives you a different colour all the time. This is precisely the effect we wanted, so we say ‘mission succeeded’!


If you think back to your years in elementary school, you might remember the colour chalk. White, you would think, but in fact, it is off-white. Which gives the dial a soft appearance, agreeable to the eyes. And this universal colour fits every style and colour you like.


Dark, but far from black! This dial has a soft blue/purple glow when you tilt the Luna watch a bit. It’s the puffed-up glass that plays this colour game…


Going for gold? No problem! We have gold as well… Warm and luxurious with dark blue and red accents on the hands. The Luna watch gold is a beautiful combination that displays strength and trust.


Finally, cobalt! It can look like marine blue, royal blue, depending on when and how you look at your Luna watch. The dial has a light glow which gives you these variations of blue. The brushed surface of the dial is a great contrast to the polished cast of the watch!
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