Always World Animal Day


On October 4th, it is World Animal Day again. That is why we searched through all the Instagram posts using #johnnyloco and made a selection of the ten best Instagram posts of proud Johnny Loco owners taking their pets for a bicycle or tricycle ride.

Thank you and your pets so much for sharing your precious moments with Johnny Loco. Keep posting your best Johnny Loco moments on Instagram. The best will get reposted on our account. We wish it could be always World Animal Day.

We can't wait to see more.


1. First of we have @ninjaherbert, who took her little Jack Russell Terrier for a little ride in her Cargo Cruiser Dutch Delight.


2. @ninia.berlin is still delighted by having a Cargo Cruiser to transport all her precious belongings, such as her dog among the rest of the family.


3. @cavalier.amy, a dog with its own Instagram account, is enjoying the nice weather inside the Cargo Cruiser's box.


4. @mama.cinco captured this moment with the Cargo Cruiser Earl Grey. Together with the Rain Cover Deluxe for a dry and safe ride.


5. @orla_galligan_art lets her chicken enjoy the Urban Cruiser La Paz. "Henrietta likes to be ‘up front’ when I go for a spin!".


6. We think @walterandottosuperpugs are ready for a spin. "We friggin love going for bike rides!!" got mentioned by this great photo.


7. @nijhofp went for a ride on a hot, but great day. A total of 28 kilometres were cycled that day in Enschede, The Netherlands.


8. @lumisa_design and Senda, including sparkly pink collar, spend a morning in the park for a cool, but refreshing ride with the Cargo Cruiser.


9. We are almost at the end of our list, but there are still two to go! @nadiamariahoff captured this happy moment in Malmö, Sweden.


10. @postelein captured this crow on top of the Cargo Cruiser's handlebar at the abandoned airport Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin.

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