Johnny Loco’s most speaking sunglasses


But it is autumn already?

We know, but since autumn can bring us many sunny days, Johnny Loco would like to give you some tips to pass this time of the year, and the winter after that, safe and sound:

- It is a good idea to have a pair of sunglasses in your car. In autumn, winter and spring, the sun is low and you will be glad to have a pair of sunglasses within reach. We can tell.

- All our sunglasses are equipped with category 3 UV-protection to keep your eyes and the sensitive skin around them protected. 

- Cleaning your sunglasses is necessary for a clear view. Remove stains and grease by rinsing with water and soap. Dry of by blotting the glasses with a cotton towel. Never ever use paper tissues or a kitchen towel as the texture will turn your glasses matte over time.

- Don’t toss your sunnies into your purse, but always protect them with our cover. Specially designed and made for your precious Johnny Loco sunglasses.

 A selection

Although Johnny Loco likes to be a trendsetter, we too have a list… for our sunglasses. A selection of our most speaking ones. Apparently, it is always time to get a new pair of sunnies.



Amelie is a real eye catcher with many curves in the frame; the bows above the glasses are there to make you happy and its unique style and look will give you a good feeling every time you put them on. Other people will be pleasantly surprised as well. See all colors here.


Holly - NEW

Holly is a longtime friend of Johnny Loco and has always been a success. So, Holly is well worth a successor: Holly - NEW. This frame is bigger, more outspoken and fits any occasion and style. The large glasses give you a full sight and the many colors are totally ‘now’. See all colors here.


Sonny - NEW

This frame is not only popular for its design, but for sure for its unique colors. Vivid, surprising colors which may raise some jealousy with other people. What to think of ‘Beer Bottle Green’, or ‘Flamingo Pink' ? Surely those names make the right impression instantly. See all colors here.

Want to see more? Our sunglasses are available in our online shop and of course, you can go to one of our dealers as well. You can find them on our Dealer Locator.


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