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It is important to have a good relationship with the company you like, you want to be able to connect them easily. At Johnny Loco we understand that and want to be in touch with our customers. And since we are very sociable, there are various ways to get in touch with us. We always welcome you with open arms.

We love Instagram

On social media we are very active on Instagram. You could say it is our first stop, regarding connecting with the world. We really encourage everyone who owns one or more ‘Johnny Locos’, to share his or her Johnny Loco moments with us, #johnnyloco. With this hashtag, we have seen many good stories and have enjoyed the amazing pictures you all post. So, grab your Johnny, go look for some wild adventure and save it for eternity with your smartphone. Who knows, we might re-post your post on Instagram.

Facebook for formal matters

First, it was all Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. That has changed, and we are well aware of that. Nowadays Instagram is the fun place to be, while Facebook is the place to discuss more formal matters. We post on our timeline every now and then, to keep you all up to speed. Are you into messenger and it is service you want, you best talk on Facebook with one of our ‘Johnny’s’. And when one of our ‘Johnny’s’ is not around on Facebook, just drop your question in a message on the Facebook page and we will go out of our way to answer it.

Look me in the eyes

For those of you who prefer the eye-to-eye contact, we have several events where you can find us each year. Follow us on the social channels to get updated on upcoming events, and we will be there to welcome you. Don’t like events? Not to worry, you can also visit us during office hours – the Dutch ones, that is – to meet us personally. There are three locations where you can go to: Vogelenzang (what a tongue twister that one is…), The Hague and Amsterdam. You can try a bicycle or a pair of glasses there, and we have experts ready to help you make the best choice. Or you just hop in for a meet & greet and a cup of coffee or tea. Do call us beforehand (+31 (0) 20 344 5928) to set an appointment. You never know whether we are home when you want to stop by.

Don’t forget the stamp.

‘Send me a postcard, darling’… Lovely old-fashioned but still so nice to receive one… With all those modern ways to connect we have almost forgotten how great it is to receive some ‘snail mail’. Although we are totally of this day and age, we don’t mind getting letters and postcards… As you have seen above, we have several locations to send mail to, but best you use this one address: Bekslaan 22, 2114AR, Vogelenzang. From there, your mail will be sent to the person or department you had in mind. You can make that clear in your address, to give us a hand: does your letter concern bicycles? Use the name ‘Jonny Loco Bicycles’. Does your letter concern Eyewear? ‘Johnny Loco Eyewear’ will do. When you want to ask or suggest something in general about Johnny Loco and our products, only 'Johnny Loco' will do.

Just call us

Fastest of all is a simple phone call, of course. But that only goes for short questions or matters we can deal with in a quick call. Punch +31 (0) 20 344 5928, and you directly get a Johnny to pick up the phone. No menus to choose from, nor endless waiting music, we don’t like wasting someone else’s time. So, looking for that one small part for your bike, wanting to find out the location and date for the next event, just pick up the phone and ask.

Email, yes of course!

And then there is the most usual way to communicate with us, the email. It’s also the most used way to contact us. support@johnny-loco.com is the address for all your questions, remarks and suggestions. We at Johnny Loco like to get emails because we can make an inventory of what are the most asked questions. This way we can improve our customer support and get stronger overall.

Open to good ideas

As you can see, we have several ways of communicating with us, and we cherish them all. Everyone is different, so for everyone there is a way of getting in touch with us! And we really like the feedback we are getting, it gives us an insight in what is important to you and your family. The ideas we get from that insight put us on the road to even better design products.

We at Johnny Loco think we have wonderful ideas to create designs to make your life a little more beautiful. Sounds a bit arrogant, but hey, how else do you convince the world, huh? That doesn’t mean we aren’t open to good ideas, valuable suggestions or honest criticism other people may have. To be strong, you must dare to be vulnerable. So, if you want to discuss a suggestion with us, or criticize us, be our guest.

Like we said before, we welcome you with open arms.

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