Measuring your eyes - what to expect


Being outdoors wearing Johnny Loco sunglasses is a great experience. Not only do you protect your eyes and the surrounding skin against UV-rays; you’re also a trendsetter. Now Johnny Loco has good news for all the people who need correctional glasses: we now have optical frames, both for transparent and colored glasses. 

Just the frames? Yes, indeed. Although Johnny Loco likes to explore boundaries and go for the unknown, measuring eyes is something we leave to the specialist – the optician. There you get the exact glasses you need to see or read, be it transparent or colored for sun protection.

Film characters

We have the frames for you: stainless steel models, named after historical film characters like ‘Andie’, ‘Indy’, ‘Louis’, ‘Louise’, ‘Martin’, ‘Walter’ and ‘Milton’. All but one have adjustable nose pads and all come in a stainless-steel version, and stainless steel with acetate details. Click here for an overview of our current stainless steel collection.

So, do you often squeeze your eyes to see better in the distance? Do your eyes get tired after working at the computer or laptop? Or while reading a book? Darn, not even seeing that small print of the book well enough? Time to go to the optician for solid advice. If there is nothing seriously wrong with your eyes other than needing glasses, he or she is the one you want to see. Find your nearest optician with our online Dealer Locator.

If your favorite optician or the one most nearby doesn’t sell Johnny Loco optical frames yet, you just pick out a few to try on our web pages, and we send them to your optician. No problem! Just follow the steps at the end of this blog.

Eye measuring – a breeze

Measuring your eyes is a breeze… with all the modern equipment it is done in 15 minutes or so, and it doesn’t hurt at all. In most optician shops you can have your eyes measured without an appointment.

First, there is the objective measurement. The optician uses an autorefractor to check the condition, power, needed strength and possible error of the cylinder. Afterward, you sit with a phoropter in front of you, a kind of multi-purpose glasses. This is where the subjective measurement begins. By reading letters through this thing (from big to small) the optician can measure the strength of the glasses needed. The measurement is done per eye, and then with two eyes together, to find the right balance of your sight. After all, without knowing it exactly, we all have a strong and a less strong eye.

Another tool than can be used by the optician is the topographer. This tool can be used to check imperfections of your Cornea. These measurements tell us the strength and cylinder deviation of both eyes. Now it is possible to collect your brand-new pair of glasses at the optician and see the world at his sharpest. Life is too short to live it blurry, isn’t it?

Now you are all set to choose your favorite frame for your glasses: to see in the distance, or to read, and/or a set of optical sunglasses or reading glasses.

Looking for a new pair of glasses? Check our stainless-steel collection of optical frames online here. You can also read how to try – and buy – your Johnny Loco optical frame at the nearest Johnny Loco dealer.


Looking for a (new) pair of Johnny Loco optical frames?
Just follow a few steps:

1. Send an email to eyewear@johnny-loco.com with your choices and your optician's contact information.

2. We send your optical frame(s) to your nearest optician.

3. See and feel the optical frames at your optician.

4. The optician will get you the right prescription glasses and frame fitting.

5. Have fun with your new Johnny Loco glasses!

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