Winter isn’t that bad with Johnny Loco


Wintertime is here to stay for a while… the upcoming months are meant for warm coats, boots, shawls, mittens and a longing for more sun. Winter sun is wonderful, but with the days shortening, you must get ready to tackle any situation you may get into. Johnny Loco is all set and ready, and more than willing to give you some advice!

Ride your bicycle

Think of your transportation: whether it is a Johnny Loco bike, e-bike or cargo bike, make sure it is totally okay. That means new batteries (if needed) for your lights, checking your tires and getting them filled up with the right amount of bar. Too little means exhausting yourself while cycling, too much means you slip easier on a slippery road. Oh, and don’t forget to check your brakes and gears! While you’re at it, clean the reflecting circles on your bike for better visibility. You can never be sure enough the driver will spot you in time! There isn’t such a thing as too much visibility. When you are not sure of the condition of your bicycle, go to your local shop for a tune-up. That way you won’t get any nasty surprises when you are on the road.

Sunglasses close at hand

Winter does get sun, of course, and that’s great! Crispy air, for you to breathe in, breathe out and feel refreshed. But in winter the sun is very low. And that means you may look into it, unwillingly, and be blinded by the light. That can be dangerous, especially in traffic. But with a set of sunglasses close at hand, you will be able to drive or ride safely. Not only in traffic, but also during a winter walk sunglasses come in handy. A pair of Johnny Loco sunglasses are perfect for this. There are so many models to choose from, you might consider getting yourself (another) one, just for fun. And we now also have awesomely designed frames to have put your prescribed glasses in. A quick browse on the Johnny Loco website may be very fulfilling, don’t you think?

Full winter moon

You don’t have to be a werewolf to be in love with the moon. Especially a full moon brings emotions we never have during the rest of the moon cycle. Call us crazy, but when there is a full moon, we feel like going around and hug friends, spouses, and lovers… Winter nights can be clear and crispy, with few clouds, so the millions of stars and the moon are shining down on us. But in case the night is clouded, you can read from your watch in which stage the moon is right now. That is if you have a Johnny Loco Luna watch. Never mind the type - Luna, Luna I or Luna II – you can see on the display what the moon is up to. So you can always blame the moon for your strange behavior at times…

Winter drinks and snacks

In spring and summer, we go out for a picnic, have a BBQ evening with friends and/or family, and linger on terraces till sunset (or much later, depending on the temperature). So much fun in so few months… But hey, winter is the perfect time to see your friends at home, treat them to special winter drinks like glühwein or hot chocolate with vodka and have them nibble away on ginger cookies and other winter snacks.

Besides, winter time is also the time for lots of holidays. Apart from Christmas, we have Thanksgiving, New Years’ Eve, Valentine’s Day, carnival, to name a few. Days of fun and laughter, a Valentine’s letter to the one you admire or secretly love, dressing up and go to the carnival procession… Who says winter is not a good time to have fun?

Good smile

You may be a person who isn’t a fan of autumn, the stormy days and too much rain. And when winter doesn’t turn into real winter but continues to be an awful autumn, the coming months can really be horrible. But cheer up and look at the bright side of life, as Monty Python’s guys would sing. Better days will be coming soon enough, and you will always have Johnny Loco’s goods to cheer you up.

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