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Are you contemplating to buy a cargo bike - or like the Dutch say: 'bakfiets'? When you do the test ride you can fill our cargo bike with whatever you want to transport with it (kids, pets, stuff, of all of them together) before you set off. Then you will find out you are sitting on a fantastic cargo bike with an easy way to pedal your way through the traffic. Do you find your cargo load a bit too heavy after all, then just try our E-Cargo bikes, with the electric support of the Shimano Steps® system while pedalling. Transportation has never been more fun.

King of the road

For those of you who would love to try out a ‘normal’ e-bike, Johnny Loco has just the thing for you. The Electric Avenue I has the Shimano Steps® system that supports you whenever you need that extra power. No wind or hill can slow you down. You are king of the road! Of course, the Electric Avenue I has all the modern techniques to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. The design is mouth-watering, for him and her.

There is only one ‘but’: so far you can only get a test ride right in front of your home in the Netherlands. Bummer… Yep, we know. But you never can tell what Johnny Loco is up to next. And of course, you can test ride the cargo bikes/bakfietsen and e-bike at every dealer shop that is affiliated with Johnny Loco. To find your nearest dealer, check our dealer locator.

So, what is your next step, Dutch folks? Go to https://proefrit.johnnyloco.nl, fill out the form, indicate what bakfiets or bike you want to try and at what dates that would suit you best. You then get contacted by Johnny Loco’s team and that is all. How easy is that, huh?



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