Take a test ride!


Johnny Loco wants to take away the hesitation of buying a bicycle. That is why we offer test rides on our newest Electric Avenue I or the (E-)Cargo Cruiser, that you can fill with whatever you want to transport (kids, pets, luggage, all of them together). You will find out how the Electric Avenue I or (E-)Cargo Cruiser can enrich your life. Just hop on and pedal your way through the traffic.

Bicycle, tricycle or both?

Are you thinking of buying a cargo bike? Or like the Dutch say: 'bakfiets'? Just make an online appointment and you can see, feel and cycle this luxurious tricycle. Is your cargo load a bit too heavy or are the roads too steep? Then try our E-Cargo bikes, equipped with electric support of the Shimano Steps® system while pedalling. Transportation has never been more fun.

For those of you who would love to try out a ‘normal’ E-bike, Johnny Loco has just the thing for you. The Electric Avenue I has the Shimano Steps® system that supports you whenever you need that extra power. No wind or hill can slow you down. You are king of the road! Of course, the Electric Avenue I has all the modern techniques to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. The design is mouth-watering, for him and her.


How to sign up

There is only one ‘but’: so far you can only get a test ride in the Netherlands or within a 50 kilometres radius of Frankfurt, Germany. Bummer… Yep, we know. But what if you are planning to visit The Netherlands of a place nearby Frankfurt? You can ask us to come by the place you are staying. No problem!

So, what are your next steps?

- Go to https://johnnyloco.com/take-a-test-ride

- Pick one or two bicycles you would love to try

- Let us know your availability

- Fill in your contact details

- Leave a comment if you have any more requests like more accessories etcera.

- Get contacted by Johnny Loco’s team

- We let you take that test ride. No strings attached.

Of course, you can test ride the (e-)cargo bikes/bakfiets and Electric Avenue I at one of our  Johnny Loco dealers. Find your nearest dealer using our online dealer locator.


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