How to wear a NATO strap


The Luna watch by Johnny Loco is a specialty we are very proud of. This watch is a 100% Dutch design, made in Switzerland. Or as most would say: Swiss Made. Over there they know exactly how a watch should be fabricated. We always strive for the best of the best, that’s why we chose these experts. The Luna watch is waterproof up to 100 meters and, best of all, has a moon phase window to follow the moon’s routine and to know when to feel ‘over the moon’. The NATO strap is what makes it even extra special.

How to wear the NATO strap

This fine piece of craftsmanship has even more specific features, but we would like to point out to you the special strap of the Luna. The NATO strap made of either Italian leather or polyester. With this strap, your Luna watch is top-notch.

We listen to our wearers opinions and feedback and noticed we often get the question why the polyester strap is so long. Do you have to have sturdy wrists to be wearing a Luna watch? Heavens, no! There is a reason for the length of the strap. Listen up…

When you put on your Luna watch, you will notice there is a bit too much strap. The end of the strap has our anagram. On the wrong side…. Or so it seems. Ha! Not true! The trick is to fold the end backwards, so you will see the anagram again. Fold backwards, uh, aha…

You can do that in 3 easy steps.

1. Tighten the NATO strap around your wrist as you would do with any other normal watch strap and lock with the buckle. Pull the end of the strap through the two keepers.


2. Fold the end of the strap from the clock case


3. Pull the excess end of the strap through the second keeper from the clock case or, if the excess end is not long enough, pull it through the first keeper from the clock case.

When you are done, you are the proud wearer of the Luna watch as it should be worn with the NATO strap.

And did you know… That your Luna watch has a hidden feature that you wouldn’t notice at first sight? It has mineral glass (or sapphire, Luna I and II) that is slightly curved, so the different angles change both the color of the dial and the exterior of the case. Of course, the dial also tells you the day of the month (Luna II), the phase of the moon and, oh yes, the time, up to a split-second correctly.

Need a new NATO strap, or thinking to buy an extra one, to vary the colors? There are 5 colors to pick from in polyester, and 4 colors in the soft leather type, so go swiftly to our watch shop and pick out the best one for your personality. That is what Johnny Loco is all about, right?


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