Let your New Year's resolutions come true with Johnny Loco


The first month of 2019 is nearly over. Did you have any New Years resolutions? How are they holding on? Johnny Loco just has one resolution: All the best for you, every single day of the year!

So, what are yours? Losing weight? Or gain some? Taking it easier than you are used to? Exercise more, to get in better shape? To plan more quality time with friends and/or family, and spending that time together? Ooh… we can go on and on… what about quitting smoking?

Johnny Loco likes to share some mottos to inspire you, make you hold on to those 2019 resolutions and let them come true. Because when 2020 takes over, there are no more resolutions needed. You got used to them. How you do that? Just read on.

#1 Take the long way home

Remember the Supertramp song? Take the long way home. Well, Johnny Loco’s motto is just the same. All his mottos are about taking it easy. You grab your bike for work, for shopping, for visiting friends. But how about taking an extra detour… Make your bike ride just a bit longer, easy pedaling to your destination. Takes a bit more time, yes, but what are 7 minutes in a lifetime? Besides, breathing fresh air in and out gives you the opportunity to arrive calm and relaxed, instead of stressed and sweaty.  

Work too far away to go on your bike? Consider an E-bike. Now, don’t think E-bikes are meant for old folks that cannot climb the stairs either… E-bikes are for everyone these days, and Johnny Loco has a finger-licking one! The Electric Avenue I. Stylish, elegant, with a unique frame design and featured with top-notch materials and the Shimano STEPS system to power your bike. Take a peek at this link.

#2 Together we’re strong!

Are you a lone wolf with all these New Year’s resolutions? That is not the plan, no way! If you didn't have one; find a buddy! One to ride to work and home again, certainly some co-workers live in your area. Having a buddy means you can motivate each other. Not only to take the bike but also to quit smoking, drink less, go to a fitness class. ‘Together we’re strong’ goes a long way, is more fun and your resolutions will live longer… you can even turn them into a competition. Just for fun, and motivation!

#3 Better eyesight in 2019 and ever after

Living healthier is a well-known resolution, but there are others that come to mind, health-wise. Your eyes, for example. Do you protect them well? Do you still see well, like a hawk? When in doubt, go have a check-up at the optometrist, to be on the safe side. Degeneration of the eyesight is like a cat slipping outside when you look away. Likely you find out about it when it is a little too late. No harm done, yet, but better be safe than sorry. You know how important your eyes are. We wrote about it before.

You only have one pair of eyes. Although eye-specialists do wonders nowadays with their micro-operations, it still is best to take care of your eyes the best way you can. So, protect them from the sun. From the UV-rays that come with it. Johnny Loco’s sunglasses are all featured with UV-protection, so enjoy your sunny moments outdoors. And for all the fashionistas: we have a new collection of sunglasses every year, so why not browse our site for the latest designs now?

#4 Press the PAUSE button

Life is full of love, fun, pleasure and guilty pleasures. That is great, that is how it is meant to be. But there are also the moments of grief, worries, hurt… they cause stress, both physical and mental. Johnny Loco has another motto for you to remember: press the PAUSE button. Yes, it is important to do your job well, the competition is killing. Yes, it is important to take breaks from your computer or laptop. Yes, it is important to bill your bills on time. But: it is also important to sleep at least 8 hours per night, to have dinner together with your partner or your family, to meet with friends from time to time. So, hit that button and take a break. Maybe your spare 2018 holidays could give you a few days for yourself. Not to go to god-knows-where, but to clear your head, and maybe clear a cupboard or wardrobe. Or to finally start organising the photos you took in the last 8 years. That is so relaxing…

So how are your resolutions for 2019 going? Are you really implementing them, or are they already forgotten? We hope the change of year helped changed your way of life. The positive way that is. Johnny Loco would love to hear from you, he is always in for a good story. Let us know by using #johnnyloco on Instagram and you can be certain we will take a stop at your post.


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