Valentine’s Day 2019 – go 50/50


Valentine’s Day is coming… the day that you can anonymously surprise the love of your life with a card, a gift, flowers or a box of chocolates. Oh yeah, a nice period for the shopkeepers. Another fine moment to take our hard-earned money. Right?

No, stop it right there! Valentine’s Day doesn’t only have a commercial background. This day has a few historical stories as well. Three, to be exact. Whether you like them or not, that’s up to you. But Valentine’s Day did not just appear out of the blue.

Let’s go back in time…

1. Priest Valentinus – In the 3rd century there was a priest in Rome called Valentinus. He was known for his good deeds for the sick, elderly and poor. He cured the blind foster daughter of the viceroy of Rome, who was so grateful he converted to Christianity. On top of that, the viceroy set free all the Christian prisoners. Roman emperor Claudius II was not amused, and he ordered the beheading of Valentinus on February 14th 270. According to other sources, the reason for that was his secretly marrying young couples. Whatever the reason, Valentinus got his canonization and February 14th became a holiday. Especially in England the day was celebrated. At the time you couldn’t openly declare your love for someone, but on February 14th you could.

2. Birds and bees – and the flowers and the trees… A more biological explanation tells us birds start mating mid-February. The philosopher and writer Geoffrey Chaucer wrote in the 14th century "For this was on seynt Valentynes day, Whan every foul cometh ther to chese his mate" (On Valentine’s Day every bird starts looking for a mate). And think of all the young animals being born in mid- and late spring!

3. Pagan Ritual – It is very well possible Valentine’s Day derives from the Roman Lupercalia festivities. That event was held on February 15th, okay, one day later, to celebrate the god of fertility Lupercus. At that time, this was a very important event, probably held near the caves where Romulus and Remus were brought up by wolves. As you may well remember from history class, the two boys R & R founded the city of Rome.

The event had a very special attraction for all singles. The names of all the young, unmarried women were thrown in a big bowl. The unmarried men took turns drawing a name from the bowl. This way the two singles were matched for that evening. Whatever sprung of that… history doesn’t tell us. But Italians, and before them the Romans, always know how to party… Christianity made an end to this ‘pagan ritual’. Lupercalia got forbidden and replaced by the more appropriate Valentine’s Day.

It is a fact English immigrants introduced Valentine’s Day in the United States. And retailers didn’t mind a day of love… Later in time, the day fanned out to many European countries, where the date is now a popular day. On February 14th you can, anonymously or not, approach your loved one or secret love with a mysterious card, a gift or a poem. If you dare…

50/50 this year…

Johnny Loco’s team loves Valentine’s Day too. As far as we are concerned, you cannot have enough special days in a year! We noticed a few 50/50-related things...

February usually has 28 days, February 14th is right in the middle.
The moon on this February 14th is in its first quarter, seen as the half moon.
First date? Feel free to go 50/50 when paying at the end of the date. The so-called ‘rule’ a man must take care of the cheque is so nót 2019! If you share a nice evening or afternoon, you can share the costs as well…
Maybe Valentine’s Day is the start of something beautiful. You can never tell, can you? In that case, trust the Law of Reciprocity. Whatever you invest in someone else – time, attention, half the cheque, affection – will come back to you one way or another. People also call this ‘karma’. Sooner or later you get what you deserve. Trust the 50/50 balance.

Johnny's got a surprise for you

Johnny Loco isn’t half loco, so he got a 50/50 for you too. To honor Valentine’s Day, the price of Luna Watches is cut down. With 50%. We don’t go for less. So, remember the Law of Reciprocity and surprise your loved one with one of these beautiful Luna Watches. Someday you will get something beautiful in return. Hurry up! Cause this offer is only February 12, 13 & 14!

Got one? Post your Luna Watch on Instagram with #johnnyloco and we re-post it on our Instagram page. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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