1969. A great year for humanity.


The year 1969 was a special and memorable year. The end of the 60’s, the end of a decade. Many timeless designs were born during this decade and some saw their end; such any beach cruiser, an icon from the early 1930’s through 1950’s, that got gradually replaced by the more popular Continental European “British Racer”. The inspiration for our Touring Cruiser. But there are more memorable moments that humanity will always remember from the year 1969. Some even made it to history books. We made a small chronological summary.

1969 also was the introduction of the first commercial quartz watch and its movement, which replaced all mechanical watches from that moment on. Watches became more shock-resistant and more accurate without having to oil or rewind them. Quartz is still the most common watch technique used today. Just like Johnny Loco’s Luna Watch.

Surgery experienced a breakthrough as well. On April 4. It was doctor Denton Cooley who successfully implants the first internal artificial heart in a patient. This kept the man alive for 65 hours, after which it was replaced by a donor heart.

Between March 25 and 31, John Lennon and Yoko Ono held their ‘bed-in’ in the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel. During this week, they stayed in bed as a protest against the violence and hatred in the world. The press was welcomed into their hotel room to share their message with the outside world.

John Lennon himself always wore his tea shades, which as a result became very popular during the early 70’s. These small round frames became a hippie fashion icon because of John Lennon. We may have been inspired by it.

June 28, was and is an important day for the queer community as it is known as the start of the gay liberation movement. Many see the Stonewall riots as the start of this movement: a group of gays, lesbians and drag queens who resisted a police raid in a gay bar in New York. This is what got the ball rolling, eventually leading to the LGBTQ movement that is still very present today.

By sure the biggest moment in 1969 was on the 16th of July. Millions of people across the globe are watching how the rocket, named Apollo 11, is being launched on its voyage towards the moon. On the 24th of July, mankind sets its first step on the moon. Neil Armstrong is the lucky one.

Space travel was very hot at this moment, but closer to earth, the Boeing 747 made its first test flight on February 9. Nowadays, this type of aircraft still flies for many airlines all across the world.

From the 15th till the 18th of August were the three days of peace, love and music. The famous Woodstock Music & Art Fair. Held on a 600 acres meadow in Bethel where only 200.000 visitors were expected, but 400.000 people showed up. 24 bands performed on this festival. A highlight of the counterculture and the hippie era in the late 60’s and begin 70’s.

In tech 1969 was also an important year; two network nodes were connected for the first time, being the official start of the internet. The internet didn’t become prevalent until the 1990s, but 1969 is when the foundation was laid.

Last but not least; on November 10, the famous duo Bert and Ernie made their debut on television. The inventors of this puppet duo never believed that they would become the heroes that they still are. We can only say; “happy anniversary!”

And that’s it. These are only a few, but very famous moments that occurred in 1969 and are still being told. And we are very grateful for it. Timeless designs were born, we made technical breakthroughs and breathtaking moments happened.

Happy 50th anniversary, 1969. Cheers!

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