Get your Cargo Cruiser ready for bad weather


It’s great to move through town with your Johnny Loco Cargo Cruiser, not having to worry something might drop off your bike or the kids getting their feet into the wheel. A smooth ride from A to B gives you the feeling of being a real cruiser, ready to conquer the world.

With the heavy rain or hail storms and gushes of wind you need to keep your kids and/or your goods dry. This is where the Cabrio Cover deluxe comes in: a sturdy yet flexible cover that protects from rain and wind. Through the transparent parts you will still see the traffic around you, and when the sun comes back again, you simply fold the nylon cover and stow it away for next time. 


Like with a car, a cargo cruiser simply needs good tyres. A profile to prevent from slipping, reflectors to be seen during dusk, dawn and night: there are your Kenda Brown Wall tyres, lightweight but strong. Better safe than sorry, so make sure you always have a spare set at hand.

Speaking of darkness, a cargo cruiser absolutely needs good lights. Seeing and being seen is important, both in town or in the countryside. Johnny Loco provides you with a retro light-set that has two led lights in front and one backlight including a reflector.


Having a Johnny Loco Cargo Cruiser is wonderful, of course, but there is one disadvantage to being the owner: the danger of your pride and joy being stolen! No need to worry if you have a good, solid chain lock to secure your cruiser. Johnny Loco has just the lock for you, it has been approved by ART and came out as best buy in 2014. 


Cruising the city might be hazardous at times, and chances are your cruiser could get a scratch or two. That’s a shame! Fortunately, Johnny Loco has the right touch-up stick for both the Cargo Cruiser and the Urban Cruiser. Light scratches will disappear, and deep scratches can be treated as well, to prevent corrosion. This way your cruiser stays young and fresh. 

All these items and more you can find in our online shop. If you need some technical stuff fixed, you best go to one of the dealers of the cruisers. You can find one near you through our dealer locator.


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