Johnny Loco’s Luna watches follow the moon


Are you one of those millions of people that feel the influence of the moon? Or even think the moon does “things” with you? No problem! Check out Johnny Loco’s Luna watches and you will always know what phase of the moon you’re in!

Millions of people are moon sick, moon crazy, or just moon-moody

“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore” – what a great start of the film ‘Moonstruck’ (1987) by Norman Jewison. The moon, this big white balloon when it is full, is an inspiration to millions of people who claim they are being influenced by it. With the wearables of Johnny Loco, you can check if you are one of them.

‘Luna’ is Latin for moon, moonstruck meaning ‘affected by (or as if by) the moon. People tend to be mentally unbalanced, romantically sentimental or lost in fantasy/reverie. People who are right-out crazy are often referred to as ‘lunatic’, a mental hospital being the ‘loony bin’.

Emotions, sleep and fertility

The power of the moon has always been there. For the common individual that is, scientists could never prove the truth of it. People believe the moon influences your emotions and your sleep, with a full moon you can harvest what you sowed, the moon influences fertility and the growth of crop during its several phases. And don’t forget the tides: low and high tide is caused by the moon.

Moon and love go hand in hand. It is said that there are a lot of babies born during the full moon. That means they are conceived nine months (= moons) earlier when it was… full moon! A pregnancy takes 40 weeks (= 10 moon cycles), a little over the 9 months we say it does.

Different phases of the moon

If you are someone who’s caught by the phases of the moon, then Johnny Loco’s Luna watches are the right thing for you! It indicates the different phases of the moon like it indicates the time. The watches are of Dutch design and Swiss precision; you cannot have it any better. If you feel goofy, you can check your watch to conclude it is ‘that time of the month/moon’. Feel free to be romantic, crazy, funny, moody – your watch will tell you are acting according to the moon phase!

Check out Johnny Loco’s wearables on our online shop for the complete Luna watches collection. And next time you stare out of the window to find the moon and you feel like waving to ‘the man on the moon’, go ahead! You’re not alone! Millions of people are waving and talking to the moon together with you.

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