Johnny Loco’s e-bike combines technology with design


There was a time – not very long ago – when e-bikes were something for tired, worn-out seniors who refused to give up the bicycle. Those days are gone!

Electric bicycles are the 21st-century thing to use, and when you are a lover of design, you cannot get past Johnny Loco’s Electric Avenue I. This e-bike is made for everyone and every occasion

Electric Avenue I is for every generation a joy to ride

There was a time – not very long ago – when e-bikes were something for tired, worn-out seniors who refused to give up the bicycle. The first users of e-bikes early this century were looked at with some pity and empathy: look, they are still trying to keep their body in shape… Those days are gone! The e-bike is very 21st century, and Johnny Loco’s e-bikes are an example of the combination of technology and design.

Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or older, a good e-bike is a must have when you are bicycling a lot, and the distances are sometimes just a bit too long. Feel the power of that little motor, while you are happily pedalling away. Strong wind is no longer your enemy and hills are there for the taking; no more sweating and cursing.

Street in London

Johnny Loco’s e-bike is called after the first street in London having electric light in the 1880’s. Street live changed since then, livelier than ever before. It is typically Johnny Loco’s style to name their e-bike after this street: Electric Avenue I.

The Electric Avenue I bike is unisex. Elegant yet sturdy, a unique Dutch design. With the technical inventions by others added: the Shimano Steps power the motor of the bike, and the Gates Carbon Drive as belt the Electric Avenue I is quite sensational to use. The tires are light running and anti-puncture, so stranding with a flat one is out of the question.

Some more details

For the whole list of technical details, you can check the product page here but a few details are too good to leave out here. The saddle is made of cowhide with double suspension, and the grips on the handlebar are leather look and have the grip shift. The front light is powered by the battery, the backlight by 2 AAA-batteries. The computer on the frame just under the handlebar shows information such as current time, battery capacity, current speed, cycling mode, motor intensity and distances.

Fit as a fiddle

Commuting to work, relaxing during a day off, running all your errands and getting the groceries, touring a few days in a row, Johnny Loco’s Electric Avenue I bike silently buzzes away with you. Of course, you do the bicycling; the Electric Avenue I supports you all the way through the heavy moments. You will be fit as a fiddle, but you did get your cardio workout that is so healthy for everyone from 6 – 96 years old!


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