Luna Watches are so much more than a watch


You want to wear a watch, but not just a watch. And not a watch that costs you an arm and a leg, so you get all sweaty and panicky every time you wear it… god knows you can scratch it, or lose it, or it might get stolen…! You are just the right candidate for Johnny Loco’s Luna Watches.

There is a Luna I and a Luna II type and they are just fabulous and show more than just the time. Like the name of the watch suggests, it also tells you something about the moon. We will get to that later in this blog.

Inspiring and fun

Johnny Loco stands for relaxed, inspiring and fun. Dutch design with an eye for detail and made with love and attention. The watches have a Swiss clockwork, need we say more? The Luna Watches of Johnny Loco’s are winners!

The stainless-steel case has a diameter of 41,3 mm and is brushed and polished. On the left side, there is the engraved text ‘time will tell’. Such wisdom in such a short sentence! The glass of the watch is slightly curved, giving it a classic appearance. The glass itself is available in two sorts: mineral glass, very clear and strong for everyday use, or sapphire glass, the all but one strongest glass in the world. Both types have anti-reflection, so you can see the time no matter how much sunshine there is.

Dial nature related

The dial comes in 7 colours to choose from, all related to nature like charcoal, chalk or cobalt. It has the logo and anagram of Johnny Loco’s on it and – this is so unique – it indicates all the different phases of the moon! The arms are dark marine blue, which only makes sense since the watch is waterproof up to 100 meters deep. Luna II has a red tip on the smaller arm, very cute. It also has a date indicator which the Luna I has not. Every watch is unique and has a unique serial number.

The straps for both types of watches are NATO straps, either in polyester or calf’s leather. NATO is a coined idea in the world of watchmakers for its strength and sustainability. There are several colours, best you go to https://johnnyloco.com/shop/all-watches to see all the colours of both the watches and the straps. And the little red tip… like we said, Johnny Loco loves little details!


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