A new bike: The Electric Avenue I

Author Johnny Loco

And because Electric Avenue was the first street in the world that was lit by electricity,
we thought it would be the perfect name for our newest E-bike.

We have been visiting cities, countrysides and coasts to explore what is happening in the world of transportation and electric vehicles. But Johnny also likes to go back to the origins of design, researching design decisions from the early days of motorized transportation. That is why inspiration was taken from 1950s mopeds and motorbikes for construction details and frame shapes. We like the mid-motors, and believe an E-bike should look different than a normal bicycle.

The double wishbone frame around the E-bike components seem no more than logical to us. It is giving its wider components, like its Shimano® Steps battery and motor, a strong fitting base. Keeping the components close to the center of gravity is a must for good performance. Top off the bill components combined with a unique unisex design. A real lazy bike with this head tube and seat post angle. Super deluxe with the Shimano® 7-speed hub, front and back hydraulic disk brakes, the Gates Carbon Drive belt and Shimano® Steps display which shows you all the information about your trip.

JL EAI product WEB

The Electric Avenue I is available in our online shop.