Add some Dutch - Oranjeboom goes cycling

Author Johnny Loco

The Netherlands are world famous for their tulips, clogs and windmills. And their millions of bicycles… in fact so many that the average household owns more than just one per person. Another famous item from the Netherlands is beer. Worldwide the country is known for some well-respected and utterly-loved beers.

Oranjeboom beers 

Oranjeboom is one of the eldest beers in the Netherlands – or Holland, as foreigners often say. It was established in 1671 in Rotterdam. The quality beer has a grand history and is also known for its lust for adventure. In fact, Oranjeboom was the first Dutch beer to be exported worldwide, and that export goes back to the 18th century. Nowadays one can have an Oranjeboom beer in 90 countries!

Add Some Dutch

It is only logical a beer like this stands for awesome things. One of these is their new campaign: Add Some Dutch. In this campaign the characteristics of how foreigners see the Dutch are bundled: independent, innovative and self-conscientious. Add a touch of windmills, tulips and bicycles, and presto! – here is your campaign!

Johnny Loco and Oranjeboom work together 

None less than Johnny Loco had teamed up with Oranjeboom to bring the new campaign to life. The lifestyle brand has much in common with Oranjeboom. For the Add Some Dutch campaign Johnny Loco created two special bicycles: the Urban Cruiser and the Cargo Cruiser. Both very typical for the Dutch scenery throughout the centuries, adapted to the 21st century. Sturdy yet modern, practical yet attractive, these bicycles will no doubt attract a lot of bicycle lovers.

The Urban Cruiser

With the Urban Cruiser, you can carry a crate of beer in front, without any problem. The Cargo Cruiser can transport anything you like. Within the limits of a bike evidently. The Dutch are transporting their kids in this kind of bikes to and from school, soccer training, music lesson and what not.

Cycle-event Aqua Blue Sport 

To stipulate the bicycle theme, even more, Oranjeboom is sponsoring Aqua Blue Sport, a young and rising bicycle racing team from Ireland. This way you will find Oranjeboom beer all over the world at any major cycle-event. All the Irish team members were presented with a new bike: an Oranjeboom bicycle.

New Oranjeboom non-alcoholic beer 

The start of the sponsoring of the cyclist team concurs with the launch of the new Oranjeboom non-alcoholic beer. Oranjeboom feels its responsibility towards social entrepreneurship and wants the world to know. With their new campaign and the sponsoring of the Irish team, they are well on their way.

Want to see the cyclist team perform their passion on the Johnny Loco Urban Cruisers & Cargo Cruisers?