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Johnny Loco offers test rides for all Johnny Loco bicycles, free of charge.

Choose your bicycle(s), enter your availability, leave your contact details and enjoy an original Johnny Loco Cruiser at your own place soon.
Also want to see and try our accessories? Simply leave a comment.

Any questions or problems about this process? Call +31 (0) 20 344 5928 or mail to support@johnny-loco.com.

Please note: this service is only available in The Netherlands (€ 0) or within a 50 kilometres radius of Frankfurt, Germany (€99*).

*Purchase a bicycle after the test ride and get your €99 back as a purchase discount.

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Only the Electric Avenue I, Cargo Cruiser & E-Cargo Cruiser are available to test ride at your location! When choosing other bicycles, we help you finding a dealer that can provide you a test ride nearby.

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